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School visits


Visit the Jakob Smits Museum with your class and introduce your pupils to the life and work of Jakob Smits. At the museum we have developed an educational game on tablets, which pupils can play in pairs to discover Smits and his work. Positive point:  the game ensures that pupils also practise a number of other skills related to the final learning objectives.

Visit the Jakob Smits Museum and your class will learn....

  • ..... to use ICT in a safe, responsible and efficient manner.
  • ..... to acquire and use consistent information in a systematic manner (including information other than texts).
  • ..... to develop a personal value judgement on images and visual art throughout different periods of history and across different cultures, through visual observation.
  • .... to acquire impressions, process and talk about them by touching and feeling (tactile), by looking and seeing (visual).
  • ..... to recognise, understand, interpret and be critical of information found in images.
  • ..... to find pleasure and satisfaction in visual design and enjoy what is visually designed.

At the end of the game, each team can create their own Smits on large touchscreens. Afterwards, the entire group has a feedback moment and all digital artworks are examined. Later, you can admire your own work of art on our website.

Practical information

  • Reservation with a member of museum staff is mandatory, please contact 014 31 74 74 35 or
  • Cost: 1 euro per student (free for teachers)
  • Duration: 60 to 90 minutes