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Mission and vision


We are Jakob Smits....

A recognised municipal museum that gathers, researches, treasures, exhibits and is constantly inspired by the work, archives and life of the artist Jakob Smits and his contemporaries from the Molse School.

Driven, determined, committed, nonconformist.

We are without doubt a child of our master. Jakob Smits drew Mol and the Campine, a natural region situated in the north-east of Belgium and parts of the south-east of the Netherlands. Literally in his art, but also figuratively through his strong personality and broad network.

As a museum we also influence our environment.

By actively contributing to the local and supralocal art landscape.

By juxtaposing the techniques, themes and symbolism of Smits and the Molse School with contemporary work by local, national and international artists.

By challenging young and old to reflect on and discuss about art.

By seeking our own high-quality partnerships.


Jakob Smits (1855 - 1928), a man with an interesting story, who drew Mol and its surroundings. He left his homeland, The Netherlands, and ended up in a poor farmhouse. The passionate and determined artist was inspired by light and nature and was thus an early cultural ambassador of the Campine region. However, committed and contradictory as he was, life was hard on him. His story in turn inspires others. He stood amongst the people, felt connected to them, but dared to think outside the box.

The museum wants to take on the role that Jakob Smits used to play in Mol: drawing the surroundings to stimulate visitors, young and old alike. The Jakob Smits Museum gives the collection and values of Jakob Smits and the Molse School a modern setting. The museum collects, preserves, takes care of, researches and opens up works of art and cultural heritage of Smits and its colleagues in a dynamic and easily accessible way. Both inside and outside the museum, the stories and works are visible to the public. The landscape in Mol and its surroundings leads visitors to the museum and vice versa.

The museum offers toddlers and young children in Mol and the wider surroundings a first introduction to 'art'. The occasional tourist enriches his cultural knowledge about the Campine landscape and the Molse School. Workshops, lectures and other public activities increase the knowledge about Smits' life, work and techniques. High-quality exhibitions offer an innovative look at artists who have a link with the content or technical aspects or who were inspired by the life and/or work of Smits or the Molse School. The museum and its collection stands for quality and is a knowledge center with the capital ‘K’ of JaKob.

The Jakob Smits Museum is an inspiring place that takes on the role catalyst of visual arts in Mol. It is a place where you can enjoy, observe and be amazed by art. It’s a place where you can reflect on Jakob Smits and the landscape of Mol from the past to the present. The museum is a place where artists can work temporarily, show work, where a work of art evolves and where there is room for cross-pollination between (young) artists, education, etc .