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vzw Vrienden van het Jakob Smits Museum

On 19 February 1977, a number of enthusiastic volunteers opened the museum’s doors for the very first time. The ‘Vrienden van het Jakob Smits Museum’ (Friends of the Jakob Smits Museum) are the foundation of the museum's existence. The museum today is the product of decades of positive energy, the product of the collaboration of dozens of people who knew and know that Jakob Smits had something to offer.

The Friends' association wishes to honor the work of Jakob Smits and make it more widely known to a larger public, thereby also contributing to the cultural image of the municipality of Mol. They organize exhibitions, provide publications about Smits, furnish catalogues for exhibitions, books and the publication of the museum magazine.

Organizational structure

Association without lucrative purpose, Non-profit organization. Articles of association deposited at the clerk's office of the commercial court.

Chairman: Marina Nuyts
Secretary: Jef Wygers
Treasurer: André Dillen
Headquarters: Jakob Smits Museum, Sluis 155 a, 2400 Mol, 014 31 74 35 35

If you want to become a member of the non-profit association ‘Vrienden van het Jakob Smits Museum’ (Friends of the Jakob Smits Museum), it can be done for barely 20 euros per year.

  • You will then receive a quarterly magazine (4 times a year).
  • You are invited to the openings of the (temporary) exhibitions.
  • You can subscribe to the end of year art sale.
  • You receive free admission to the museum.

You become an honorary member after payment of 35 euros (including honorable mention in the magazine). You become member of the Protective Fund from 50 euros or more (including honorable mention in the magazine)

Bank account: IBAN: BE85 4133 0570 0106, BIC: KREDBEBB, Treasurer André Dillen.

For more information:
014 33 04 35