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The Jakob Smits Museum holds a unique collection of photos of Jakob Smits, his family, his circle of friends and his beloved Malvinahof. A series of photos of his funeral, on which the entire village was plunged into mourning, has also been kept.

In addition to the photos surrounding Smits, the museum also holds photos of the Campine landscape that Smits loved so much. The museum holds numerous photos of Achterbos circa 1900 and holds the collection of Edmond Vermeylen with art photos of 'De Kempen', including a number of photos of Achterbos. The museum collection also contains photos of members of the Molse School and people who were inspired by Smits, such as Dirk Baksteen, Paula Rompa Zenke and Maria Vaes.

The photo collection also documents the history of the museum itself, including the opening of the museum in 1977 and the many temporary exhibitions which were recorded in photographs.

Reproductions of photos can be obtained on request from